ICCMA 2018 Photos

Tokyo, Japan | October 12-14, 2018

Group Photo on October 13 (Download the original version)

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Akira Namatame
Professor Emeritus, National Defense Academy of Japan

Prof. Genci Capi
Hosei University, Japan
Invited Speakers

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan HosseinNia,
TU Delft, Netherlands

Prof. Sathans Suhag
National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India
Session Groups
Best Presenters

H‐infinity Controller Design with Constrained Control Effort: an LMI Approach
Christian Monterrey
Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia ‐ UTEC, Peru

A Portable Exoskeleton Driven by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Upper Limb Motion Replication
Tsung‐Yen Tsai
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Comparison of Random Circle Detection and Hough Transform Method in Detecting Obstructed Circle Object
Rahmadi Kurnia
Andalas University, Indonesia

Valve shifting time in a digital fluid power system - Energy efficiency versus fatigue loading
Anders Hedegaard Hansen
Aalborg University, Denmark