Local Information

Attractions in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace

Asakusa and the Sensō-ji Temple

The Tokyo Skytree
Ginza District: Shop 'til you Drop
The Meiji Shrine
National Museum of Nature and Science


Getting Around Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge sprawling city but it's served by one of the world's best public transport systems. Here, I'll give you all the details on getting around Tokyo easily.

Tokyo Airport Transport (Know the details)

* Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo. For full details, see here
* A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport. You can also use them for purchases at convenience stores and many other places.
* Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.
* Buses aren't recommended for short-term visitors. Tokyo's buses are extensive and efficient, but they're not ideal for tourists. Still, if you do want to give them a try, you'll find all the details here.

Japanese Visa

Please look at the list of the countries that have the visa exemption agreement with Japan. If your country is included in the list, you usually do not need to apply for an entry visa to Japan.

If your country is not included in the list, you need to obtain a short-term stay visa ("tanki-shouyou visa" in Japanese) from the embassy of Japan in your country.

Read carefully the Japanese visa guide provided by the ministry of foreign affairs. For entry into Japan, a VISA may be required for attendees from some countries. Please make sure whether you need to apply for a VISA or not by contacting the local Japanese consulate or embassy in your country or visiting the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan at http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html

Know more about Japan Visa here: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/basic-info/tourist-info/visa-information.html 

*Please be kindly noted that The invitation letter from the organizing committee will be sent upon the request only when you register successfully, which may help but cannot guarantee you a Visa.

Should your application be denied, the conference organizing committee cannot change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will the organizing committee engage in discussion or correspondence with the consulate or the visa center on behalf of the applicant.