Frequently Asked Questions

1. You need to edit your paper as instructed by the template.
2. Send your paper to the Easy Chair System.
3. After receiving your submission, the conference secretary will contact you within 2 workdays and assign you a PAPER ID.
4. If paper publication is your goal, then you can submit full paper directly, no need to submit abstract separately.
For each paper, it will take around 20-30 days for review. You will receive feedback email.
1) For Paper receiving (2-3 workdays after your successful submission)
2) Preliminary feedback (around 10-15 days after your successful submission)
3) Acceptance letter notification (around 10-15 days after preliminary feedback)
Each paper will be reviewed based on template, topic, novelty, introduction, conceptual quality, methodological quality, results, discussion, readability, etc. The paper quality will be decided whether your paper will be accepted or not.
Please check the call for paper page:
If your research topic is included here, it will be good. If not, you also can submit your paper. The technical committee will review the paper topic firstly,you will know if your paper topics related or not. Generally, you can know the result within one week, even it is not related to our conference, we can recommend you some other related conferences.
Firstly, you need to figure out your registration type: author (full paper submission), presentation only (abstract submission), listener (without paper or abstract submission). Then you can check the detail registration fee on our registration page:
You need to register after receiving the notification of acceptance. We will inform you the registration information by email when your paper passes the review process.