Submission Instructions

>>Language Requirement:
English is the official language; and the paper should be written and presented only in English.

>>Paper Length:
▶ The minimum page limit for full paper is 4 pages including all figures, tables, and references. When it exceeds 6 pages, each additional page will be chargeable. These limits include all figures, tables, and references.
▶ The first 6 pages are free, Extra pages will be charged at $60 (US dollars) per extra page.

>>Submission Type:
Full Paper Submission(For Publication & Presentation)
Full Paper is requested for publication purpose.
The paper length should start from 4 full length pages per paper. When a paper exceeds 6 pages, the extra pages will be charged. Full Paper submissions should be strictly edited by following the conference template and limited to a maximum of ten (10) pages, in the 2-column format, including the bibliography and any possible appendices.

All submissions will be double-blind reviewed by the Committee on the basis of Relevance to the Conference, Originality Appropriateness of the research/study method, Innovation, Relevance and clarity of graphics and tables, Presentation . The paper content with quality is the most important part during the review.

Abstract (For Presenation Only)
Abstract is for presentation only purpose.
Abstract submission should be better within around 300-400 Words and should reflect the overall content of the paper including the problem to be resolved, the method to solve the problem, results and conclusions achieved,ect. It's better without figures and references, one pdf or word file with requirement is ok.

>>Submission Methods:
▶ Please follow the conference proceedings template to format your paper first.
▶ Please submit your full paper to Easy Chair System (.pdf only), before you send paper to the easychair submission system, you need to register an account.
▶ If you fail to submit paper to via this online system, you can contact the conference secretary via

>>Academic Ethics:
Academic integrity is the moral code or ethical policy of academia. This includes values such as avoidance of cheating or plagiarism; maintenance of academic standards; honesty and rigor in research and academic publishing. Each scholar should obey the rules. If not, the committee have the right to reject the paper directly when review the papers. Due to the update of database, but the publication process is long, if the press found the review paper is with plagiarism or content with high repetition rate, the press can reject the paper publication directly. The author will undertake all the responsibility.

>>Copyright Transfer for publication:
The exclusive rights that are granted to authors are to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts. In order to keep authors' rights for publication, By submitting the signed copyright transfer agreement, the publisher is permitted to publish (printed and on-line), advertise and sell the "ICCMA 2024 Proceedings" without further authorisation from the Authors.